State Arts Agency Legislative Status Summary Report: Provides a succinct synopsis of significant budget or restructuring proposals affecting state arts agency fiscal year 2013 budgets.

Making Your Case

Why Should Government Support the Arts?
Return on Investment: The Federal Government, States and the Arts
Fallacies of the Kansas Veto
What Do I Say? Tips for Advocacy Meetings
Advocacy and Lobbying: Speaking Up for the Arts
The Arts in Public Policy: An Advocacy Agenda
Learning from Legislators
Contending with Economic Uncertainty—Advocacy Talking Points
National Governors Association Issue Briefs

Assessing Your Strength

Arts Advocacy Checklist: A Self-Evaluation Tool for State Arts AgenciesNASAA member-only content
Arts Advocacy Checklist: A Self-Evaluation Tool for Arts Organizations and Advocates

Mobilizing Your Support

Campaigning for Public Arts Support
E-Advocacy: On-Line Strategies for Arts Advocacy
Advocacy Strategies in an Economic Downturn
Advocacy for Public Support of the Arts: A Civic Responsibility
Advocacy by Arts Organizations: Tax Laws and Lobbying
Access to Power: Building Political Clout for the Arts

Expanding Your Influence

Forty Action Strategies
Advocacy and Term Limits: Developing Arts Support in the Legislature Early
Arts Advocates in the Legislature: A Legislative Caucus on the Arts
Ten Ways to Convert Legislators into Arts Advocates
Facing Controversy: Arts Issues and Crisis Communications

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